Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Life Lesson

Here is a life lesson for everyone -- don't ever bite a cat's tail. Let me explain....we were all playing and having a grand old time and I got carried away! ACCIDENTALLY I bit Dudley's tail. By mistake, mind you! Really. AND man did he get mad! First I saw this paw coming at me with ALL claws out and then he got on the table and now he won't even look at me! I feel so bad. I told Beth that I didn't mean it. She said she would talk to Dudley and explain.

I have been laying and thinking. It reminded me of when my brother bit me. Remember me telling you about that. Well, now I know how he must of felt. My mom had said that we do things sometimes and really don't mean to. She had said if someone does something to us that we should forgive them because it might happen to us sometime. Well, she was right. I sure have a smart mommy. She knows everything. I sure hope Dudley forgives me.

I better go and talk to Beth again and see if she's talked to Dudley. I feel so bad....


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