Monday, March 9, 2009

I thought I saw a Newfie!

This morning we got up early. The sun wasn't even up yet. Mike and Beth were eating breakfast and I was walking around and all of sudden I looked at the patio door and I was sure I saw a Newfie! I was excited and went really close to see. Yep, it was! It was doing everything I was doing! Mike and Beth were giggling....Beth said "Remington that is you".... I guess sometimes if you look in the window you see something called a reflection. And sure enough -- it was me! I laughed and laughed. Was really cool.

We have been busy today. Beth read to me -- I really like that. I laid by her and listened and I guess I fell asleep. Then we went outside and played and I took a couple of naps. We had lunch. Then Beth combed my hair. I look really nice. She said she is going to give me a bath and maybe even get me some dog cologne. I'll smell soooo good! I can't wait.

I better take a nap before Beth wants to play AGAIN. She really likes to play!

Oh yeah, she said there is going to be a photo shoot later today. I think she thinks I'm like this male model or something. I guess I do like to have my picture taken, so it isn't that bad.

Later gator!

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