Monday, March 30, 2009

I love Bailey and Trevor!

This weekend we had company. Grandkids are what Beth calls them. I call them FUN! They have more energy than Mike and Beth put together. They play and laugh and like to go outside -- A LOT! As you can see in the picture they even bought me a gift. Aren't they nice? They aren't as tall as Mike and Beth so they seem closer to me. Bailey is so sweet. I really like her. She was gentle when she petted me. And Trevor is a little boy and really plays good. He knows how to play like us boys like to play! I sure hope they come to visit again soon. I really miss them....

Today has been BORING! Beth isn't feeling well -- so I had to take care of her because Mike is still out getting "the bacon". I would think we have enough but he still leaves everyday.

Dudley, my kitty brother, is here and wants to play "try and get me" so I better go. (He's the one that likes me!)

Hopefully tomorrow will be more fun. Mike said we are going to get snow! I like snow!!!!


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